Pulse (1998)

This design was for a ‘teaser’ flyer for a trance party called Pulse in 1998. At the time I was into the psy-trance scene in Cape Town. A friend of mine, Laz, was organizing this party in Joburg, and I got the job of making the flyer. Happily I also got to go: I was part-timing as a VJ, mixing graphics live at parties with another friend called Freddie Bell under the name Psynaptics, and we played at the party. We drove up for the weekend since Joburg is a 13 hour drive from Cape Town.

The flying logo was modelled in 3D Studio Max. The SoundStream logo was my creation and was designed in Macromedia Freehand. The end result was composed in Photoshop.

Posted by Ash

Coder and researcher in the games industry with a passion for meshes, computational geometry and 3D. Occasional photographer, web developer and bedroom DJ. Likes driving, coffee, mezcal, margaritas, swimming in the sea and cooking with fire.