I was born in South Africa to English immigrant parents. For the past twenty years I’ve lived in London, fifteen of them with my Polish wife Ania. We live in Twickenham, a pleasant but unhip riverside suburb of southwest London known mainly as being the home of rugby.

For the past fifteen years I’ve worked in the Guildford office of Electronic Arts, the computer games company. There, I’m a Senior Software Engineer and the Product Owner of an extensive mesh processing library. I’ve got a wealth of experience designing and developing mesh processing algorithms, and the tools I’ve written are used by artists in teams globally across EA. A lot of my work amounts to research, and I’ve had four US patents granted for various novel aspects of the tools I’ve developed.

I spent my teenage years and much of my twenties in 90’s Cape Town, at the far tip of Africa. There I studied at the University of Cape Town, at what counts as ivy league in South Africa (it is, at least, covered in ivy). I have a PhD in computer science. The topic of my dissertation is level-of-detail control in computer graphics.

In my spare time I like to make flat whites and shoot video.