Extensive experience of algorithm design, team leading, mentoring and the Agile Product Owner role in the development of 3D geometry and mesh processing tools within a game development context. Proven R&D track record including requirements gathering, research, algorithm design, communication and leading small development teams.

Best-in-class ability to solve complex algorithmic problems with simple, high-quality, well-commented code. Practiced in incremental delivery of sophisticated customer-facing technical products using rapid, iterative, test-driven coding in response to user feedback.

Substantial experience of advanced game and film mesh processing topics including Constructive Solid Geometry, Delaunay triangulation, tetrahedralization, quad meshes, simplification, fracturing, soft-bodies, as well as auto-generation of shadow meshes, occluders and collision volumes.

Author of Theron, a freeware concurrency and distributed computing library for C++.