I made this one-minute black and white film of a visit to a graveyard in Poland to light candles at a grave. My wife Ania and her aunt Bozena visited the grave of Ania’s father when we were there in August 2016. Lighting candles and placing flowers at the graves of departed loved ones is an important custom in catholic Poland. The town, Rozental, is a pleasant farming village in rural northern Poland where Ania’s father lived, and where her mother still lives.

Richmond in January

I took these black and white photographs of Richmond, a nearby suburb of southwest London, on a chilly January day.

It’s been a long time since I went out with a camera just to take photographs, but some recent bits of photography for websites have given me a renewed taste for it. I’m pretty picky these days in terms of what I’ll shoot: time was when I would photograph almost anything that I thought would make a good composition, but now I’m interested in telling a more complete story.

These were shot hand-held in fading twilight. I was out to shoot the evening light as much as the scenery itself. Fortunately the weather got the memo.