In February 2017 I shot this short film about a street mural that became a memorial in a back street of Brixton. I had stumbled upon the mural by chance the day before, when I shot some basic footage. Editing that initial footage, I realized it looked like a short, simple story with some of the bits missing. So I went back the next day with something approximating a plan.

Some of the shots involved unwitting ‘actors’ so I needed to watch people and use what I found. That’s a skill I’ve practised a lot during years of shooting street photography. It’s no coincidence that my short films so far have a documentary, street photography style. Luckily everything kind of worked out.

Posted by Ash

Coder and researcher in the games industry with a passion for meshes, computational geometry and 3D. Occasional photographer, web developer and bedroom DJ. Likes driving, coffee, mezcal, margaritas, swimming in the sea and cooking with fire.