I took these black and white photographs of Richmond, a nearby suburb of southwest London, on a chilly January day.

It’s been a long time since I went out with a camera just to take photographs, but some recent bits of photography for websites have given me a renewed taste for it. I’m pretty picky these days in terms of what I’ll shoot: time was when I would photograph almost anything that I thought would make a good composition, but now I’m interested in telling a more complete story.

These were shot hand-held in fading twilight. I was out to shoot the evening light as much as the scenery itself. Fortunately the weather got the memo.

Posted by Ash

Coder and researcher in the games industry with a passion for meshes, computational geometry and 3D. Occasional photographer, web developer and bedroom DJ. Likes driving, coffee, mezcal, margaritas, swimming in the sea and cooking with fire.