I’m a software engineer with fifteen plus years’ experience, ten of them at Electronic Arts, the computer games developer and publisher. At work, my involvement has increasingly been in what are usually called tools, ie. offline art creation products used by artists and technical artists. My main interests are in computational geometry and mesh processing, although I’ve got a background in graphics and some experience of other areas of games development such as physics, collision and concurrency. You can find out more about my work interests on linkedin.

In my spare time I’m also the developer of a freeware software product called Theron, which I originally began back in 2007. It’s a C++ library for parallel and distributed programming based on the actor model, which extends the object model for concurrency with objects that are seamlessly concurrent and communicate by exchanging messages.

My PhD in computer science, at the University of Cape Town, dealt with level of detail in computer graphics. You can find a list of my downloadable publications here.